About the Book


About the Book

The pages that follow are intended to answer some of the questions people ask me whenever I have given a talk at a knitting event — why did I write the book, what was I trying to accomplish, how long did it take, why was it out of print for so long, etc.

It has been interesting for me to think about these questions and look back at the history of a book that was the intense focus of my life for over twenty years. What was I thinking, indeed? On the whole, I am pleased with it and very gratified at the reception it has received among knitters. I hope you enjoy reading about what it took to write it and get it into print.

Also included here is an Errata page, which at this point is mercifully short, but with your help, any new errors that are discovered can be added.

And if I find anything I overlooked, something new to add, or want to expand on material in the book that I think was too brief or not clear enough, here is where it will appear.