Why Use a Knitting Belt?

Why Use a Knitting Belt?

Why would you want to strap on a belt in order to knit? Why not just use a circular needle?

Because a  knitting belt holds the right needle in a fixed position, which produces several advantages:

* Without the need to hold a needle, the right hand is free to act solely as a shuttle, wrapping the yarn and controlling tension.

* Movements required are minimal, which increases speed, reduces stress and fatigue, and produces a very even fabric.

* Position of hands and arms is ideal, reducing the possibility of neck and shoulder problems, or repetitive motion injury.

* The belt can be used for any project, large or small, flat or circular, and in any style, traditional or modern.

* Purl can be done as fast as Knit, with no change in tension; even the most complicated stitch technique is easy to manage.

* Any type of color pattern can be done while holding both yarns on the right, or one yarn in each hand.

* Small items worked in the round are easier to do because the right hand is up on top of the needle, not inside the small circle formed by the knitting.


Please note: Because of the pressure applied to the needle when in a fixed position, only metal needles are suitable; wood or bamboo are likely to break. Also, the size of the needles that can be used with the belt is limited to about 4mm (a US size 6), or less. Larger sizes will stretch the holes in the leather and  potentially break down the horsehair; no warranty is provided for damage to the belt if it is used in that way.