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We offer knitting belts in two styles – our deluxe, contoured belt in luxury leather, and a more economical, traditional version. Also available are the long double-point needles required for this knitting method

We also offer signed copies of The Principles of Knitting, as well as signed bookplates custom designed for the book.

Domestic shipping
We ship USPS Priority Mail and will send you an email with a tracking number. All orders received by Friday of each week will ship no later than the following Monday.
International Orders
Please note that we normally ship knitting belts only to the US and Canada;
international customers, please write to to inquire about shipping cost and arrange for payment.


The Deluxe Studio PoK knitting belt (patented) is made by hand in the US of American bison leathers and California latigo, and is filled with genuine horsehair. It has a handsome PoK logo buckle, is available in a wide range of sizes and comes in eight beautiful colors, Navy, Red, Purple, Green, Black, Oxblood, Chestnut, and Chocolate.

There are two options for purchase:

Deluxe Belt: $160.

Deluxe Belt Plus : Includes a set of Prym double point needles in five sizes (see below) $180.


We now carry Prym needles, which are very similar to the Milwards we had before: these 30cm (12 inch), double-point-needles are available in a set of the following five sizes: 2mm (US 0), 2.5mm (US 1.5), 3.0mm (US 2.5), 3.5mm (US 4), and 4.0mm (US 6).

Options for purchase:

Set of all five sizes: $35.

Also offered at an additional discount when purchased with the deluxe knitting belt, above, or with the new classic knitting belts below.


The Traditional belt has a smooth leather top, matching suede bottom, horsehair filling, and a nylon belt. It is currently available in four colors.

There are two options for purchase:

Traditional Knitting Belt: $50.

Traditional Belt Plus: Includes a set of Prym double point needles in five sizes (see above) $80.


The Principles of Knitting, personally signed by the author.


This bookplate was custom designed for The Principles of Knitting, and is signed by the author. Add your name in the space provided, then peel off the backing sheet and paste it into the inside cover of your book.